Wallets Supporting Output Descriptors

A solution to most derivation notation problems...

"Output script descriptors are strings that contain all the information necessary to allow a wallet or other program to track payments made to or spent from a particular script or set of related scripts (i.e. an address or a set of related addresses such as in an HD wallet)." - Bitcoin OpTech

Supporting Bitcoin Wallets:

  • Bitcoin Core
  • Bitcoin Dev Kit Wallet Library
  • BlueWallet [limited support]
  • BTCpay Server [limited support]
  • Casa Multisig Wallet
  • COLDCARD Hardware Wallet
  • Specter Desktop
  • Muun Wallet
  • Nunchuk
  • Sparrow Wallet [limited support]
  • Swan Vault Multisig Wallet
  • Theya
  • Missing one? make a PR here pointing to the implementation.

    Learn more about the cluster f* of derivation paths and why descriptors are important here